Creating A Professional Portfolio In Evernote

This is one of the best things I have ever done. Having a handy portfolio of work experience, education, accomplishments and relevant training is extremely helpful. Have you ever applied for a job and stressed yourself out looking for copies of those unofficial transcripts, your most recent performance review, how about the name of your supervisor from ten years ago?! Yes people, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to produce such information on demand. Enter Evernote. Let me share with you some of the things I store in my “Employment” notebook. I highly recommend getting something like this going for yourself.

  1. Job Applications
  2. Job Descriptions – jobs I’ve had, applied for and am interested in
  3. Performance Reviews
  4. Self-Assessments – keep track of your accomplishments!
  5. Professional Journal – capture highs, lows, ideas, things you would like your organization or business to change, etc.
  6. Awards & Recognition Letters
  7. Unofficial Transcripts
  8. Resumes & Cover Letters – I keep several types of resumes so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  9. Training Completion Certificates
  10. Personality or Strength Assessments – like Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinder
  11. Work & Salary History (including addresses and contact info) – I acquired all of the work-study jobs I performed in college for lengthy background checks

If you really want to get organized you can create a notebook for each category and capture in an employment stack. I also created an employment index with links to all of the individual notes, this way I can easily navigate to the document I am looking for. You never know when you will need this information and it’s great to store it in Evernote where it’s handy and searchable. Let me know if you keep a similar portfolio and how you organize it.


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