Minimalist Experiment 1 – The Nightstand

I hate having stuff on my nightstand but it’s such a vortex! I defeated it by being merciless and removing ALL junk from my bedroom. My bedside necessities are water, tea and tissue. Dental floss, my retainer, etc., stays in a plastic bag in the drawer along with pajamas. I still have my coffee shop garb in a little canvas cube below, but its super handy when I need to throw on sweats and a T-shirt. I’ve been able to maintain the simple “after” look for at least a couple of weeks now. I think my radical approach helped; nothing is allowed. Simple! How does your nightstand look? If it doesn’t calm you down, I recommend being radical and sticking to the necessities.

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Minimalist Experiments

The idea of living a “minimalist” lifestyle has appealed to me for some time. I define minimalism as the practice of spiritual, mental and physical simplicity. I envision a minimalist life as one free of distraction and clutter yet filled with purpose, relationships and meaningful experiences. I admit, this definition does not exactly mirror my life, but I am testing the waters, hence “minimalist experiments.” I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit (at the very least some say). I imagine my journey towards simplicity will take time. I’m also an all or nothing impatient kind of person. So I believe the marathon approach will be more meaningful and I will actually have some time to reflect on the benefits of my growth (and I am confident there will be benefits).

My first experiment will be my nightstand. Check back to see how it goes. Wish me luck!