7 Day Vegan Challenge – Day 5-7

I wrapped up my vegan challenge this past Friday. On the final day, I almost gave in and ate some eggs. Being a gluten-free vegan is difficult at breakfast time. I was at a restaurant, and there were very few options. Then I thought, “Oh c’mon, you’ve come this far!” I ordered some potatoes and a spinach, mushroom and onion sauté. As it turned out, my breakfast was delicious. If nothing else, this challenge has taught me that I don’t have to follow conventional meals. On Saturday however (day 8), I ate Pizza (with cheese). Though it was tasty, I didn’t feel the urge to go crazy and dive back into all of my animal products. In fact, I don’t really want any more animal products for a while. It felt good to be vegan! I ate healthier, was more creative, and tapped into my much neglected pantry. Overall, it was a great experience. You should try it!


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