Minimalist Experiment 1 – The Nightstand

I hate having stuff on my nightstand but it’s such a vortex! I defeated it by being merciless and removing ALL junk from my bedroom. My bedside necessities are water, tea and tissue. Dental floss, my retainer, etc., stays in a plastic bag in the drawer along with pajamas. I still have my coffee shop garb in a little canvas cube below, but its super handy when I need to throw on sweats and a T-shirt. I’ve been able to maintain the simple “after” look for at least a couple of weeks now. I think my radical approach helped; nothing is allowed. Simple! How does your nightstand look? If it doesn’t calm you down, I recommend being radical and sticking to the necessities.

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Book Review – Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus


Perhaps it’s the lure of spring, but I find myself on a minimalist cleaning spree. I’ve discovered the formula for a clean home: less stuff = less stress (I love it). Though I think I freaked out my husband when I suggested we sell our DVDs, most of my books, photography stuff, etc. Then I explained to him why I was spazzing out and he knowingly smiled (no worries, we still have the DVDs). Back to my point, so naturally what does any nerd do when on a new kick?! Read about it! I discovered this book while looking up blogs on minimalism.

The blog is Two 31 year old guys just like me (well 31, not the guy part), discovered deeper value in life than amassing stuff (aka stress bearing consumer crud). It’s a short read that follows their six figure salary, workaholic, empty lives to an eventual crossroads. They decided to follow the road less traveled (particularly by young folks) to find meaning in life beyond the tireless pursuit of wealth, possessions, and approval. I have to say this book got a little deep! I was especially surprised by the chapter on relationships. This book isn’t just about stuff but the pursuit of a quality life. This includes relationships and devoting energy to quality relationships rather than being lured by the black hole of negative and/or periphery relationships. Ever notice how a co-worker or acquaintance can have more impact on your happiness (or lack there of) than a spouse or loved one? No bueno! The book also described anchors, the things that weigh us down and prevent us from being free. Anchors can be debt, negative relationships, stuff, passionless careers, poor health (due to bad decisions), etc. The book is blunt and sincere and I’m glad I read it. You can check it out here.

My elfa Closet Makeover!

How many times have you gone into Container Store and wanted to design one of those fun elfa closets?! I finally got to do it for real! When we bought our house I had to sacrifice the closet. It was a sad situation but I had vision. With a few measurements, a little DIY repair and some creativity, I made the most out of my awkwardly sized space.

BEFORE: Living out of a nylon bag! But organized I must say.

The walls were pretty tore up!

Hot mess!

Spackle and patches to the rescue!

All patched and painted..beautiful!

Yay! Got my parts!

The new closet design


AFTER: Still a work in progress but look! I can get to my clothes! AND I added an extra shelf 🙂

Love love LOVE the sliding pant rack!

Oh yeah! Jewelry storage!

Love the shoe boxes!

And that’s a wrap!