Relational Multitasking (Less Stress More Joy)

Standing in my office parking lot, breathing in cycles of warm summer air, I realized that I was stressed out! Retaining my running list of to-dos for mere moments, only to see them vanish from my mind and inconveniently return screaming AAAHHHHH, you forgot about me!!! Sound familiar? I realized that my to-dos exceeded my physical and emotional energy. As I frantically reclaimed my list from memory, typing tasks on my phone, I paused. Why am I doing all of this stuff by myself?! Then an amazing thing happened. I began to list names next to each task. Can my friend help me straighten up my office while we catch up about life? Can my husband and I plan our schedule over a nice dinner? Can someone else do this task all together? Perhaps it would even help them grow?! Suddenly, my muscles relaxed, I smiled and the cloud of anxiety lifted.

People often say that multitasking is a flawed practice, accomplishing nothing simultaneously. However, if I’m cleaning my house and catching up with a friend, I am accomplishing several things. I’m not alone doing something boring, I’m spending time with a friend, and I’m taking care of my house. A solution! Don’t hover over your to do list wishing you could retire 25 years ahead of schedule; put some names on the list! There are a lot of people who might enjoy giving you a hand.


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