7 Day Vegan Challenge – Day 1

So, on my first day of the vegan challenge, I ordered a taco salad with Prawns (whoops). I am on my second first day now. I made some fresh grapefruit juice for breakfast ( I have a habit of juicing in the morning). I thought about french toast and looked briefly at my eggs in the fridge, hmm, I closed the fridge. I decided to do other things like cleaning. Finally when hunger entered the picture, I made a yummy salad of avocado, strawberries and radishes with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and curry powder dressing. Sometime around lunch I stopped by Pete’s Coffee with a friend, I was hungry again. I looked around at the snacks, checking all of the labels, dairy, dairy, “contains a milk ingredient,” more dairy. Eventually, I bought a pack of nuts and some iced green tea. For dinner, I ate (vegan) Thai yellow curry with brown rice, my tofu was soft though ( I asked for crispy, bummer). Finally, in a house filled with dudes, I sit here watching a Warriors game. There is a meat lovers pizza on the stove, multiple bags of chips, all containing “milk ingredients”. I really think this vegan challenge will help me curb my junk food tendencies. Now for some Yogi ginger lemon tea (yum).


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