Technology Has Come To My Public Library – I Feel Old!

To my embarrassment I had to do some research to re-acquaint myself with the public library. I wont get into the details but lets just say I tried to use the auto-return kiosk in the lobby and swiftly gave up avoiding the risk of being made fun of by after-school teenagers. I actually had to scan the barcode of the book and press some buttons on a touch screen, etc. I thought, “C’mon! I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro and I’m a full-time administrator, e.g., I spend all day on the computer!” Well, I took another stab at it, walked past a new crop of lobby teens, head level and forward facing, I scanned my book with some degree of confidence. Thank goodness it worked! Next, is the whole e-book phenomenon. To my overwhelming joy, you can check out a book and have it sent directly to your Amazon Kindle account! I don’t have a Kindle but I have the app! The book is sent wirelessly and instantaneously to my iPhone. You’re probably thinking, “that rocks!” Well, again I had to figure out how to check out the stinking book! There’s a separate webpage for it, then I have to put a hold on it, then add it to my cart, then log into Amazon, on and on…

For the first time in a long time, I understand what its like to have technology elude me. I used to make fun of Jitter Bug phones and any other fogey friendly gadgets. Now I find myself trying to catch up, reading manuals at Barnes & Noble to learn the new, new operating system of every gadget I have! I can see myself (in the not too distant future), overwhelmed by the speed of progress, nestled in the back of an old school coffee shop with my fogey paperback book, journal, pen, non-confusing coffee drink, breathing a little easier. But for now, it’s off to the races!


3 thoughts on “Technology Has Come To My Public Library – I Feel Old!

  1. Somehow I could picture you walking through that library. Did you know that Aunt Mary’s only computer access is at our library? 🙂

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