Book Review: Today Matters – 12 Daily Practices To Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success by John C. Maxwell

First off, I listened to this book on CD.  Since purchasing my new home further from work, I’ve welcomed a bonus two-hour round-trip commute where I entertain myself by talking on my cell phone or slapping myself awake. I far prefer advice from John C. Maxwell over slapping myself in the face. Plus, I am a big fan and have read several of his books.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the book. The author describes 12 daily practices, also known as the “daily dozen,” that if exercised daily will lead to a successful life. The author starts off by describing what success is NOT. Success is not impossible, mystical, based purely on luck, productivity or the perfect opportunity. Success does not depend on getting the perfect break, making the ideal connection or networking. Success is about today’s decisions combined with discipline to follow-through on those decisions. The “daily dozen” includes your attitude, priorities, health, family, thinking, commitment, finances, faith, relationships, generosity, values and personal growth. The author uses personal stories from his childhood, twenties, thirties, forties and fifties to demonstrate how he discovered the “daily dozen” and it’s pot of gold.

This book was a light and the stories were entertaining and thought-provoking.  I was personally inspired to take some of the “daily dozen” areas and combine them with concrete decisions. Let’s take relationships for example. My relationships with close friends are a priority, but I can go too long without making a quality in-person connection with a friend (which leaves me empty). My decision is to plan my times with my friends before other less significant areas of my life take all of my time and energy. Good food for thought!


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