My elfa Closet Makeover!

How many times have you gone into Container Store and wanted to design one of those fun elfa closets?! I finally got to do it for real! When we bought our house I had to sacrifice the closet. It was a sad situation but I had vision. With a few measurements, a little DIY repair and some creativity, I made the most out of my awkwardly sized space.

BEFORE: Living out of a nylon bag! But organized I must say.

The walls were pretty tore up!

Hot mess!

Spackle and patches to the rescue!

All patched and painted..beautiful!

Yay! Got my parts!

The new closet design


AFTER: Still a work in progress but look! I can get to my clothes! AND I added an extra shelf 🙂

Love love LOVE the sliding pant rack!

Oh yeah! Jewelry storage!

Love the shoe boxes!

And that’s a wrap!


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